The Contenders . . .

A couple of year ago I was asked to do some holiday baking for a friend of a friend.  I set out on my quest to produce for this nice lady a wide assortment of cookies, shortbread, squares etc.  In doing, i came across a couple of pretty tasty recipes that I think make good holiday choices for my upcoming Cookie Exchange.

Here is a list of possible entrants:

1.)   Chocolate Butter Cookies,  These, just like their sugary white cousins are also decorated and are delish !
2.)   Glazed Lemon Cookies,     These are lemon flavored cookies iced with lemony cream cheese icing also delish !
3.)   Not So Plain Marble Icebox Cookies,   Traditional icebox cookies light and impossible to eat just one !
4.)   Almond Macaroons Yep they are as good as they sound
5.)   Chai Tea Shortbread  these are spicy and irresistible !!  (Leading the pack right now)
6.)   Lemon Pie Cookies  -- I haven't made these yet but I do like Pie !!

The final entry is probably one of my favorite cookies though not because they are quick and easy to make.  My mom used to make these cookies (with my diligent assistance) for a yearly tea she held, when I was a kid.  They are just called my mom's tea cookies the recipe card they are on is tattered and worn and whenever I make them I have very fond memories.  These are like Oreo cookies on CRACK  insanely light vanilla wafers made with lots of butter and whipping cream ( how could that not be good) and filled with an always creamy iced filling.  I love these cookies, they are labor intensive and pretty tiny, but good things come in small packages . . . .right ?

So that is the list of contenders I have until Dec 9th to decide  . . .may be  with some help ?


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