The Contenders . . .

A couple of year ago I was asked to do some holiday baking for a friend of a friend.  I set out on my quest to produce for this nice lady a wide assortment of cookies, shortbread, squares etc.  In doing, i came across a couple of pretty tasty recipes that I think make good holiday choices for my upcoming Cookie Exchange.

Here is a list of possible entrants:

1.)   Chocolate Butter Cookies,  These, just like their sugary white cousins are also decorated and are delish !
2.)   Glazed Lemon Cookies,     These are lemon flavored cookies iced with lemony cream cheese icing also delish !
3.)   Not So Plain Marble Icebox Cookies,   Traditional icebox cookies light and impossible to eat just one !
4.)   Almond Macaroons Yep they are as good as they sound
5.)   Chai Tea Shortbread  these are spicy and irresistible !!  (Leading the pack right now)
6.)   Lemon Pie Cookies  -- I haven't made these yet but I do like Pie !!

The final entry is probably one of my favorite cookies though not because they are quick and easy to make.  My mom used to make these cookies (with my diligent assistance) for a yearly tea she held, when I was a kid.  They are just called my mom's tea cookies the recipe card they are on is tattered and worn and whenever I make them I have very fond memories.  These are like Oreo cookies on CRACK  insanely light vanilla wafers made with lots of butter and whipping cream ( how could that not be good) and filled with an always creamy iced filling.  I love these cookies, they are labor intensive and pretty tiny, but good things come in small packages . . . .right ?

So that is the list of contenders I have until Dec 9th to decide  . . .may be  with some help ?


Recipes . . . Where are the Recipes

As I have entered my first Cookie exchange I thought I should try out some of my possible cookie contenders out here in Cyberspace.   There is also the interesting sub-note that I have not posted a recipe in a long time on my blog.

Stay tuned for the full list of possible contenders . . . . .


Better Late than never. . .

I forgot, well that's not exactly true I just never got around to mentioning that I finished out my trialing year with another Win.  It was in the pro-novice class again  . . .but a win is a win.  Right !!?  Judy Finseth and I secretly took off to Lloydminster to compete in the Stockade Roundup.  after departing that the completely civilized our of 4am. we arrived in town shortly before I was due to run.  There were two heats followed by a final that was held that evening between the open heats. While not flawless, each run in the qualifying heats was good enough to get into the finals in second.  The finals Jed and I worked well together and ended up Winning.

A quick bite to eat and we headed home, arriving at the less civilized hour of 4am . . . .a successful 24 hour Turn and Burn :)


Jillaroo !!

Jillaroo !!

Jill is a Kelpie puppy that I have big plans for . . . that is of course if she stays away from Cosmo long enough for her to grow up.

Jill 10 Weeks old
No she isn`t supposed to be on stock YET !! 


Trialing . . . .for once

I certainly don't blog here as often as I used to. I guess I lost my sense of randomness as the weather closes in I guess it will return. I also seldom blog about my trialing adventures. I suppose that is because with few exceptions Jed and have struggled as a dog and handler team you'll note the word team, indicating that I am atleast . . .atleast 50% to blame most of the time.

However, this past weekend Jed and I travelled south to Oregon to the Fireridge Vineyard Stockdog trial. Mostly it was aln excuse to visit with my friend Dave, however, as there was a trial I figured I might as well enter. The first day, Jed, and I do mean Jed had it in his mind that he shouldn't listen to me so after a nice outrun/lift and fetch I retired at the drive away panels.

Frankly, retireing was a great move. Jed was pretty shocked to see me coming up the field and after a couple of wrecks I didn't feel like giving him the chance to work it out. The next day I sent Jed out lost 1 off my outrun 1 off my lift 1 off my drive an 3 off my pen for a total of 6 off and Final score of 84 (out of 90) . That was good enough for the win that day and my first pronovice win. The final day Jed ran very similar and were it not for a 7 point deduction on the drive which was all my fault, an some uncooperative sheep at the pen we would likely have done better than 76 . . . Respectable, but a four way tie with 80 points bumped Jed and I down to 7 th place .

Really happy with Jed and my performance the sheep were really tough, as evidenced by nearly half the field either retiring or DQ ing the first day. The field was also tougher than this picture demonstrates. Good time and I'll certainly go back.

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I haz ducks now . . . . The NCR remains chickenless however.

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Nicest trial ever !! . . . . . . So Far. . . . . My first at lacamas is not going to be my last. I met some really nice people and really nice dogs. The trial field was smaller than I thought I would be, and Jed and I had a respectable first day. The seccond, day was not our finest hour.

It was punishingly hot, and just prior to the trial jed did something to his foot and wouldn't put any weight on it. Up until the first morning I was seriously considering pulling him. We were traveling with Dave and Trudy Viklund and they had magic pills that seemed to numb his pain. Given that I wrapped his foot and decided to chance it. It paid off the first day but like I said luck ran out on day two.

What really amazed me was how spectacularly well run this trial was. The number of spectators "WOW" I am posting everything an will sort when I get home.

This is the Parking lot in the main Spectator parking. . . .

Over Flow Parking . . . . OVER FLOW !!!!
Set out at the Prov Nov Field.

Just a really really well run Trial can`t wait to go back next year possibly Jed and I will do better !!

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